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London Chimney Liners offers exceptional

wood burner installation services in London. Right from the beginning to the end, initial survey to measurements and final installation, we have the experienced installers for different types of stoves.

We supply our clients with a variety of stoves including gas stoves, wood burning stoves, inset stoves, etc. As a supplier, we can offer comprehensive services including design ideas, delivery, measurements and installations. We also have a range of services for repairs and maintenance. If you require individual stove design, our specialists can prepare a unique stove for your requirements.

Efficient, easy to use and different styles include modern, contemporary and antique designs. Each stove installation project comes with a variety of services including chimney flue inspection and cleaning, full chimney testing, (smoke, draw and pressure test), flue inspection and flue liner fitting. These installations are carried out with the highest standard service and the repairs can save your investments for years to come. The experienced and highly trained installers ensure that you are in safe hands.

We install fireplaces, stoves, flue liners and other wood, gas and solid fuel appliances. We can guarantee the installation in your home meets all the building regulations. We only provide the best specialists who have the relevant experience, knowledge and skills to carry out installations and repair works. We have only well-trained and skilled Gas safety registered engineers who undertake simple and complex gas servicing works. All these are completed while following the safety rules and using the latest equipment.

Get in touch! With a wealth of experience, we can get the job done with complete perfection. Our professional team of Chimney Liner Repair in London is ready to serve you so pick up your phone or leave an email and our team will get in touch with you.

At London Chimney Liners, we can make complex chimney inspection and advice necessary improvements. Installing a flue liner is an economical way to repair an unsafe and inefficient chimney flue. It should be installed to reduce the chance of chimney fire and creosote build-up. They also improve the energy efficiency of the appliance and make maintenance of these appliances much easier.

Our experienced team will help you with any aspects of fireplaces, stoves and flue liners installation. We start right from the site survey to check all the devices and advise all necessary upgrades required. We check the chimney flue to ensure that all are in working order. Due to extensive experience, we can install any type of fireplace that you require. These include solid gas fuel to as, open fired backed to enclosed fires and stoves. We ensure that all the work is completed to the highest standards and attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors.

We offer complete fireplace restoration services on all types and periods of fireplaces. We can also advise you on any spare parts that you need to purchase for your fireplace. If you provide us with your details, we can give you an estimate of the restoration cost. With the help of our consultation you can be sure that you have hired the best chimney installers in the city.

Please contact us or email with the basic details of the fireplace and along with some pictures and we will get back to you. We are known for being the most reliable wood burning stoves in London. Call us now at: 0800 118 2129 or 0795 045 4699.

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