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London Chimney Liners
London Chimney Liners
London Chimney Liners

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When do chimneys/flues need to be lined?
When 2 or more flues have been compromised – that is to say when 2 or more flues have been joined together, because the brickwork or mortar that separates the adjacent flues has fallen out. If the flues become joined they no longer function correctly and can be dangerous.
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When do chimney/flue liners and cowls need to be removed?
When you have a gas liner and you want to convert to solid fuel. As solid fuel burns at a much higher temperature than gas does, solid fuel liners are much more robust than gas liners. Therefore, although burned gas can safely pass through a solid fuel liner…
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Flues supplied and installed
Twin-wall insulated flue systems are required if there is no chimney in situ. They are for external use, either through an outside wall and up the side/back of the property, or up through the building and out the roof.
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Gas and solid fuel stoves installed
Since the turn of the century, we have noticed the explosion in popularity of stoves, especially for solid fuel purposes. We believe the principal reason for this, is as an alternative heat source to gas and electric. Stoves can be fitted in conjunction with a mantel or in a more minimalist style (see “Fireplace openings reinstated”).
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Fireplace openings blocked and plastered
If you want your fireplace removed and the fireplace opening sealed up, we will take the fireplace out and brick up the opening for you. Then we can either plaster that area alone if the chimney breast is in reasonable condition, or replaster the whole breast.
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