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London Chimney Liners – the trusted Chimney Sweeps in London for top quality maintenance and restoration services

Whether a chimney is in use or not, it still needs maintenance to ensure safety. The most effective way to maintain your chimney is by hiring chimney sweeps in London.

At London Chimney Liners, we offer a one – stop solution for all your fireplace and chimney maintenance needs. Our team of experts inspects chimneys using state of the art techniques that will help make your chimney fully functional. At LCL, we offer free advice on all aspects of chimney repair with a no-obligation quote. We are GasSafe registered installers. SCAFFORCE is our long –term working partner for all our scaffolding requirements.

Tell – tale signs that your chimney needs to be cleaned:

  • Observing built-up soot and cresosote
  • Noticing smoke entering room
  • Smelling pungent odor from a chimney
  • Weak Fire

What does a chimney sweeping service include?

Even if chimneys are not being frequently used, there may be other factors that could render the chimney unsafe for use. For instance, birds may build a nest in the flue or deteriorations due to weather elements may occur.

At LCL, we don’t simply sweep a chimney; we carry out a comprehensive inspection. This process involves careful examination of the interior and exterior portions of the chimney that are readily accessible.

Our experts ensure the basic soundness of the chimney structure as well as the flue, the basic appliance installation and connection. The technician will also ensure that there are no blockages and combustible deposits. If our experts feel that there are problems that can’t be detected with the naked eye, then a thorough inspection will be performed. This usually includes using a CCTV camera to scan the chimney.

Chimney Sweep in London

Get in touch! With a wealth of experience, we can get the job done with complete perfection. Our professional team of Chimney Liner Repair in London is ready to serve you so pick up your phone or leave an email and our team will get in touch with you.

Chimney Sweep in London

What to expect?

  • Power sweeping
  • Cleanliness assured
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Industrial experience of over a decade
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Ongoing advice
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Contact us:

To hire chimney sweeps in London or get a free quote call us at 0800 118 2129 or 0795 045 4699, you can send us an email at Remember chimney fires cause substantial monetary losses in property damage every year. We can help you keep these losses at bay.

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